Markers on Orthophoto GeoTiff

Hi All,

I am just learning about ODM and aerial imagery, so sorry if this is an obvious question.

Would it be possible to put markers on an orthomosaic tiff file based on lat/long?

Or, to find where one of the input images to the orthomosaic is within the orthomosaic?

The orthomosaic is of a solar farm, and some of the images have faulty solar panels in them. I would like to point out on the orthomosaic where they are.

Thanks for the help!


Check this thread

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At the moment I am making it the easyway with the importation of the GEOTIFF in Google Earth Pro (LARGE COVERAGE option), and that gives me the possibility to insert pins in the points required

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The below is important (i.e: You must setup the project using QGIS)

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Ready to give me a detailes procedure to launch that on QGIS??? It is installed, just need to know what I need to do with it… :wink: