Mapping pricing

Hey all,

I have a general question about pricing map job proposals. I I have a full time job and a super small drone business just for extra cash here and there, however it has been requested of me to map a 50 acre site, which is the first time I have been paid for a map and easily the biggest site.

Just curious how you all price something like that. My initial plan was to quote an estimate for my time on site plus drive time plus some time processing and then guess what a drone business in northern virginia area would charge per hour. Any help appreciated.


Great question! Do you have any comps in the area? That would be my first move.

Are you aware of the Low Price conundrum? Basically, everyone wants a deal, but there’s an optimization point where people start thinking that the product must be low quality, and by lowering your price, you’re actually reducing your business prospects.

That circles back around to you need to know who is selling what in your area, and value you work accordingly. Too cheap and you raise eyebrows, too costly and you raise the barrier to entry.