Mapping large areas


I mapped a cemetery…about 50 acres. Processing time is super slow. Going on 13 hours now. Please see attached snaphots.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the processing?

Processer: i7-8700 CPU @3.7 GHz, 32 gigs RAM, 6 CPU’s
Docker—20GB allocated, CPU’s 4


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Allocate more cores as a first step.

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I already had 4 cores allocated. If I allocate all 6, do I change it back to 2 cores when I’m done processing? I’m just not sure why all 6 wouldn’t be used all of the time in a computer.

Fullsweep, you processor has multithreading, so 6 actual cores will show up as 12 cores to the operating system.

I’d allocate between 8 to 10 cores. And you’ll need to up the RAM allocation closer to 26Gb. Just leave a small margin for (windows?) to run.


Not every job can be multithreaded unfortunately :man_shrugging:
Beyond that, currently some of the tools in the ODM stack aren’t multithreaded or otherwise accelerated which can be, hence the funding link above.

If we knock some of those barriers down, we should see some major performance returns.

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