Mapir Survey3 - Orthophoto can not be generated




Hello, has anyone compared the calibrated values ​​of mapir3 with a multispectral camera like Parrot sequioa or rededge etc? Thank you


For this dataset the problem was with altitude. I found most of them were with value 0 and few values with 3 or around 66. So I used geosetter application to set altitude of images with value 0 and 3 to around 66.1 as you mentioned photos were taken at 60m above ground.
After that it was able to generate orthophoto in tif format.

Also for MAPIR cameras before you start processing make sure to set the ccd of the sensor using the parameter force ccd as webodm cannot detect the ccd width. For MAPIR camera the sensor width which can be found on this page:




Thanks Pratyush1991.

Editing altitude does the trick.

I finally was able to generate the orthophoto using MAPIR 3D survey images.

Since I have MacOS I used pyexiftoolgui to edit altitude of all images.