Mapir Survey 3 official examples

I tried to run odm to generate orthophoto with mapir survey 3 example images (the link at the dataset

the configuration is : min-num-features: 12000, texturing-nadir-weight: 6, fast-orthophoto: true

But I obtained a very bad results in terms of quality of the orthomosaic with a lot of holes and blurry effects.

some examples:
Annotation 2020-04-17 164656

I know mapir camera is rolling shutter and also has not a very general quality but I don’t understand if the problem is the manner how the images have been acquired or I made some mistakes with odm parameters.

Anybody can hel me?


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Hi, Pome90! Welcome, and thanks for taking a crack at that dataset. Let’s see what others have to say which might help.