Mapir cameras/multispectral

Apologies if this shows a glaring misunderstanding of the processes involved, but if you don’s ask…

I have a P4 pro. I also have a Mapir Survey 3W OCN camera mounted on the drone. The latter camera fires completely independently of the Phantom, so the images of both data sets do not match in terms of both coverage or EXIF data. Is there any way the images can be combined in a multispectral kind of way in WebODM, or do I just resign myself to the fact that I have two data sets for each flight?

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Interesting use-case!

I suppose you could try merging the images together into a multi-band TIFF, but I’m not sure if that could work given the potential differences in sensor resolution, bit depth, and the likely differences in sensor alignment.

The P4 camera is 4864 x 3648 as compared to the Mapir which is 4000 x 3000. Otherwise, the parameters are (I believe) the same at 72dpi and bitdepth 24.

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