Map Placed in Ocean?

I used DJI GS Pro with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro to map out a part of the moor our local flying club uses.

I’ve installed WebODM on two different computers.
When finished, both have placed the map in the middle of the south Atlantic ocean?

Uploading to my dronedeploy account creates the map and overlays them at the correct location.

I’m assuming something is going wrong when reading the gps data from the images.
Do I need to set something in WebODM to use the gps co-ordinates in the image meta data?

Thank you


Hey @peterjse :hand: would you be available to share the images that are causing this problem? Perhaps like you say the program is having troubles reading the GPS data from some of them.

I am experiencing a similar issue with images obtained from a DJI phantom 4 in Virginia, USA. We are using the the current master build of WebODM as of today. It is running in docker on an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual private server (Digital Ocean). Prior to the commits made in last two weeks or so, we did not have any issues with the same data set. I think it may be related to ODM changes to fix issues in the southern hemisphere. I have included a link below with the data set, pictures, and log.

Thanks for reporting. You are right, it’s a bug. I think it should have been fixed with Fixed proj string incompatibility with GDAL by pierotofy · Pull Request #941 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub. Please update and try to reprocess?

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Thanks for all the help

I reprocessed the map and it is showing in the correct location!