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Hi nice to meet you all,
Happy to learn from all of you.
Just uploaded orthophoto created by Mavic mini 2 of cotton field in Israel from Jul 31.
It is a cotton field grown for seeds.

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Nice meeting you too. Great you used MapHub
Let me know if any problem or some features requests.

wow, impressive. thank you for sharing
so i upladed a small survey. I wanted to measure a building, I drew a line. how do i remove the line?

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Thank you.
You can erase a line something like this.
Check the quick screen video I uploaded

I used your training video to remove lines, I thought I was playing frogger…, I had difficulty “catching” the line with my mouse. when I zoomed in the line stayed the same dimension so zooming didnt help me to catch the line to delete BUT a measurement appeared on the line I placed. great! Also I finally managed to delete the line I placed.
If I leave a line on the map, is the line there forever and can others see it?

Thank you for the feedback.
There are certainly lots of things to be improved. That’s not the end product but rather working prototype that will be changing and improving with the time.
Some glitches might happen sometimes. Yes grabbing the line could’ve been done better. :slight_smile:
Every map you upload there has boundaries. If you draw lines over the map, that you uploaded, it depends on the status of your map. Public or private. If you made your map public and visible for everyone, they will see it and all the vector lines on it. If you keep it private, your vectors will also be private unless you share your map with someone.

First, thank you for this effort and second, suggest a layer activation menu for monitoring a building work over time. I this sample you can see 2 orthophotos of the building but is difficult to active differents layers for costumers low level


Thank s lot for your valuable feedback.
You are absolutely right. Myself as a person, that uses MapHub I’d would really like to have such feature too (to switch between different versions of the same map to see the progress of some changes done on the ground) we put that feature as top priority. Hopefully will be deploying some updates next month along with some information section describing what’s already there and all the updates.


Really a GREAT solution for my usage where I am compiling orthophotos for my friends who are doing caving.
It saves us a lot of time when looking for new cave opening in the bushes and your system allows a great Sharing. The privacy option is PERFECT too.

We are now doing “sofa field prospection”

1- Ideally it could be usefull to built a “team” of members where each would have access (when sharing the link) to the markers that the other may have set. (This may be feasible with the full acces link as I have not tried it yet)

2- Also for on-site verification it would be great to allow a direct link to google map navigation when clicking on a Marker.

I am no developper so sorry if these ideas are totally in sane, I am juste sharing potential improvements but I understand it may be useless for 95% of peoples…

Thanks you very much for the great job.


Thank u for awesome project. Could u please answer is it possible to add possibility to upload 3d models on your map?

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Thank you for your sharing.

I just put an orthophoto of a sunflower field from a farmer friend, if it can help.

In France, in the Tarn department

good day


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Thank you Laurent!
I see your map. It also really great to see different parts of the world in highly detailed orthophotos :slight_smile: We finally get back in to active developing stage of that project. So your feedback, features requests or ideas how this project would be more useful for you, would be much appreciated.
Nice day to you.

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. It’s great to hear someone makes good use of it. :smiley:
Answering your questions.

  1. Yes that should be possible with sharing full access to a group of members. At the moment all vector data (pins, markers, area markings) that lay over a private orthophoto map, should be available to other participants with whom the map was privately shared and they can add their own markings if they have access.
    If it doesn’t work the way I described, please let me know. The project currently gone into active development stage (finally after almost a year) so we’ve been doing many changes in short period of time, but have not enough testing capability to make sure everything still works as it supposed to be working.
    So if you find something weird or just got an idea or improvements suggestions feel free to leave it here for now.

  2. That probably a good idea. I will see if it can be done quickly otherwise I put it in todo list and hopefully it will not take too long.

I am the active user of MapHub myself, so all your suggestions make perfect sense to me.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback and good suggestion.
I put your suggestion in our “to do list” :slight_smile:
right now still a lot to do there bringing long awaited features as we developing it in our spare time and our schedule and progress sometimes get affected by Russia / Ukrainian war events and political situation changes around it… Our small team was dispersed last year and some times some of us were getting on the move not able to maintain consistent development… what a life… but this year so far seems much better for this project development. Just in a couple of weeks we managed to fix long list of pending bugs and added good number vector tools improvements and features.

Speaking of 3d models. How would you see it implemented in the current version of the app? What format you use keep your ready to use 3d models?


We just added some interface improvements. Mostly related to styling vector markings, areas, markers, pins. Maps grouping. Also finally solved one fundamental bug related to how geoserver works with users, that was making the app crush sometimes, when it gets too busy onboarding new users. Also significantly improved overall performance of the whole app.
Some more good stuff is coming.
Please, if you use MapHub, feel free to drop your suggestions, ideas and usability issues to be fixed if you find some.
We also change lots of things quickly and might brake something as our quality assurance capabilities are limited at the moment. So feel free to share any bugs you encounter.
Thanks a lot for your support guys! :smiley:


Are you wanting feedback in this thread?
Once I logged in, I added markers near my map area in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada. Perhaps a feature request: Can pin markers and other data have a switch for public/private viewing?
I like the addtions so far. Keep up the good work.



Thanks Jeff. Yes please. Bring your feedback in this thread.
Currently all the markings done over an orthophoto map, that belongs to you, inherit maps public/private viewing settings.
So if your map is private everything you put on it will be private too. If you make your map public, all the vector data that found within your map boundaries inherits map’s status and start being visible to others. I think all the pins and vectors you put outside your map boundary will be private by default.
It should be like that for now but I am not 100% sure as changes done every day nowadays. :slight_smile:
Am I getting it right, that you want markers outside of your uploaded maps to be also switchable from private to public?

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Yes switchable map pins would be a nice feature.

Feature request,
Possibly already on the to do list.
Can a toggle be added for “Select”, email address logins to view a particular map? So the map owner (map creator - me) grants access to maps via email address to one or many maps but not all maps. Example Mining Company 1 can’t see Mining Comapny 2’s maps and vice versa? even though they may be neighbours.


We added some new functionality.

  1. Simple converter and exporter tool.
    Once uploaded, the geoTIFF can be saved in high resolution PDF that convenient to open and view offline by any user without special software. It also can be saved as a image file for graphic design purposes or downloaded as source geoTIFF file.

  2. Basic atlas functionality where you can select an area on a big orthophoto map and save it as a series of high resolution pages.

  3. Styling settings for vector shapes and lines

  4. Ability to view chronological layers of the same map. For example same area map done regularly and uploaded in MapHub can be viewed at different layers. For example for some on the ground development progress tracking purpose

Some other interface improvements

Will try to complete project website with roadmap and progress updates this month so we don’t flood this forum with our stuff too much :slight_smile:

Some video tutorials bellow
Creating Multi Page Export

Converting and exporting map as image, PDF and downloading as a source file in geoTIFF


Hey Jeff, just spotted your airfield. I have a friend in Penticton. I haven’t yet visited your area, but I hear it’s beautiful and I hope to get there one day.


Hi, I just tried uploading a new image and got the message below