Map Hub for sharing maps

It’s been almost a year since I discovered Open Drone Map while being stuck due local COVID travel restrictions on a remote Fiji island, right on international dateline, having to get busy there with some relatively large and not so scale mapping.

At some point I got a number of maps, but not many easy, fast and simple options to share them with the clients or whoever else I needed to share them who does not have GIS background also needed conveniently storing and archiving them somewhere online where they could be easily uploaded through slow internet line, accessed, shared, done some simple operations like area and distance measurements etc.

I know you can do something like that in WebODM after your map is processed, but I needed clear, simple and fast interface without distractions and features that a common person might never need.
Basically something for a person, who just need to look at their map and do some simple operations with it, without stressing their busy brains how to do this and that. Basically to serve pure demonstration purpose with some basic vector tooling.

So my brother and I both software developers and myself with some drone and mapping background got this pet project.

It took some time to figure out and put some complex things to work together like Geoserver, some modules from our previous projects, some Golang and JS programming time to make it all work under the hood. It still in development and might have issues, I am working on improving the user interface, but I already find it pretty handy for sharing my own maps and in case someone wants to try it too and give some feedback, feel free follow the link bellow.

It might not work in Safari browser though as we’re not Apple users so it never been tested there. In case someone tries it in Safari and it does not work, let me know :slight_smile: we will try to do something about it but Chrome is the browser for now.

So what MapHub can do for now.

  • You can upload your processed geoTIFF images in different ways through the browser directly or by feeding it with Mega or Google Drive cloud storage links so you files will be pulled in the background.
  • It might take some time to process the images depending on their size, but at a result you should see them projected on the world map. With either OSM or MapBox satellite background.
  • There are some vector tools on the right that can be applied over your map for some marking or measuring purposes, they are still under development.
  • Share your maps with others, making them public or private with permission to access them for specific people only
  • Make your maps “read only” or allow people to put vectors over them for some collaboration work
  • Share specific extent of the map in full access or “observer” mode
  • Allow to download the file for your client or just view it
    In order to upload maps and do stuff you will need to sign in. Sign up / Sign is currently possible through Google account only.

Feel free to share your feedback and features ideas if you tried it and found it useful for yourself but thought of some extra features that would be good to have there.

Bellow there is a link zoomed to Fiji where I display some of my maps for demonstration purpose, but feel free to zoom to your area and upload and share your stuff.

Not sure how it might go server performance wise if a few maps will be uploaded and processed simultaneously so please excuse if it might be slow sometimes, you might experience some delays in processing or loading tiles. Let us know your experience.



Very awesome project!

Love the Open-Source stack you’ve chosen. GeoServer is pretty incredible, but, wow, is it a whole discipline of study unto its own to optimize!


Thanks for this, just put my first map up on it :+1:


Thanks for trying MapHub. It might be still a bit raw in some details, but your feedback and suggestions always warmly welcomed. :slight_smile:



Looks like I have uploaded the first map in Canada!
Is it possible to rename a map (orthopho in my case) after it has been uploaded?
Perhaps a feature request to add this ability?
How is access for viewing controlled?

Nice work!

Thank you for sharing. I think many have been wanting this type of functionality for a long time.




With the latest Chrome, Win 10 Pro, nothing loads for me, it’s does load correctly in Firefox though.

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Just checked on mine. Everything works in Chrome for me, but I use Ubuntu 20.04 desktop.
We aware of some issues in Safari browsers though.
What exactly version of Chrome you use?

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Thanks Jeff!

Yes rename a map is possible. On the top left there is a button that opens maps list. You can find your map there and change it’s name, select it to make public or private, view only or downloadable, you can share your map in two modes Full Mode and Observer… Full Mode will let another person make changes on your map. Observer mode will let them only view it privately.
If you make your map Public. Any MapHub user can see it in observer mode. If you don’t want them to see your map, you can turn off Public switch and share your map with designated users only.
Basically to share your map you will receive a unique link that you can share with whoever you want to.
Once they click the link the MapHub opens in their browser and they should see the map you share with them.
So link can be posted anywhere you want. Sent in emails, messengers, posted in forums etc.
Sending link through Facebook messenger might not work as Facebook Messenger changes the links and tries to open them in their own crippled primitive browser cutting some features.
I uploaded brief screen cast of how sharing and access to viewing is controlled also how to rename and delete your map.


That’s a great help, many thanks :+1:

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Version 102.0.5005.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)

and also a blank page with just updated

Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Here is the link generated for one of my orthophotos.
@Cherrmax the screencast video was helpfull.

It did take a good few seconds for the orthophoto to render on my browser. (Chrome)



Thanks Jeff!

Yes it takes a few seconds. We will look at what can be done in order to make the map appear faster.


I just double checked my Chrome version.
It’s Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Everything works normal there and I was not able to reproduce the problem.
My OS is different though and I don’t have Win 10 Pro around to try.
Maybe someone else could try and confirm whether they getting the same problem on Chrome 102.0.5005.115 and Win 10 Pro combination.


Evening all,

I am a complete newbie to this, I have been playing around with WebODM and love the product. I am slowly venturing and learning along the way.

However I would love to be able to share my maps with potential clients but use my first map as a demo map and host it on my website.

Can someone give me some help on what files I export from WebODM and which I need to import in to Map Hub?



There is only one common format currently MapHub accepts is GeoTIFF same WebODM produces it’s raster orthophoto images.
Once WebODM produces you raster map in GeoTIFF format, you can download it, then upload to MapHub. Currently MapHub doesn’t have direct integration with WebODM… I think you can also share you map right from WebODM if you host it online if not, then MapHub can be good way to do that.
So you after map render complete by WebODM, you download orthophoto file in GeoTIFF format, then upload that file on MapHub ether through it’s website or if you use Google Drive or, you can feed MapHub with a share link from Google Drive or Mega.
MapHub automatically pulls you map from your file sharing service, processes it and adds to the world map ready to be shared with whoever you need either public or private.

Once a map is uploaded in MapHub and you can see it, you can share it. The system will generate a link that you can copy and paste wherever you want. Anyone following that link will be taken to MapHub with you map centered in their view.

Like this one for example:

Let me know if you have any questions regarding MapHub use


Thanks for the quick reply.

But am I missing something? Where do I import a GeoTIFF? WebODM I can export fine, I have the file locally saved.

I can not see where I can add in a GeoTIFF or even add in a link where I have it hosted in Mega?

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When you open
On the top left side there will be a few buttons one of them.

Here I saved couple of videos showing the MapHub interface how to upload maps and how to share them.


Hi @cherrmax, I tried uploading a file several times this afternoon, keep getting an internal server error when it starts onboarding


I will have a look and get back to you.
Is it possible to share that file with me somehow, me so I’d try myself?

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Cheers, yeah no problem with sharing a link, here you go Dropbox - Dolphin-Court-01-07-2022-orthophoto.tif - Simplify your life