Map color problem


Hello evry one. Please Do you know how to solve this ?
Thank in advance . Sorry i dont speake english well


Mm, I’m guessing your question is why the map looks darker on one side.

Unfortunately I can’t tell for sure, because it looks like you are running the fork by WeFLY. Have you tried to contact their support?


Hello thank you for your response I’am personaly developper from Wefly and i’am working based on webOdm. this is the parameters i’ve used

[{“value”: “20000”, “name”: “min-num-features”}, {“value”: “2500”, “name”: “resize-to”}, {“value”: “999999999999”, “name”: “mesh-size”}, {“value”: “100000”, “name”: “matcher-distance”}, {“value”: “10000”, “name”: “mesh-samples”}, {“value”: “16”, “name”: “opensfm-processes”}]


Oh hey :slight_smile:

Are you running the latest node-OpenDroneMap / OpenDroneMap code?


Yes i’am using the latest version 3.1. I have instaled it using Docker :grinning:
It is just WebOdm i have instaled natively


I would start by toggling one at a time:

                      Skip global seam leveling. Useful for IR data.
                      Skip local seam blending. Default: False

It might also be beneficial to try toggling --texturing-tone-mapping.

Beside that, without having a copy of the pictures it would be hard to recommend anything else.


Keep an eye on, a fix for this is coming.


@nafiou could you update to the latest version of ODM and let us know if the problem is still there?


hi @pierotofy thank you i will try it


Thank you thery match for your attention


@pierotofy this is the map after updating . a bit good than the last one


hi @pierotofy is the update available for both native and docker ?




ok thanks great job