Map color problem

Hello evry one. Please Do you know how to solve this ?

Thank in advance . Sorry i dont speake english well

Mm, I’m guessing your question is why the map looks darker on one side.

Unfortunately I can’t tell for sure, because it looks like you are running the fork by WeFLY. Have you tried to contact their support?

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Hello thank you for your response I’am personaly developper from Wefly and i’am working based on webOdm. this is the parameters i’ve used

[{“value”: “20000”, “name”: “min-num-features”}, {“value”: “2500”, “name”: “resize-to”}, {“value”: “999999999999”, “name”: “mesh-size”}, {“value”: “100000”, “name”: “matcher-distance”}, {“value”: “10000”, “name”: “mesh-samples”}, {“value”: “16”, “name”: “opensfm-processes”}]

Oh hey :slight_smile:

Are you running the latest node-OpenDroneMap / OpenDroneMap code?

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Yes i’am using the latest version 3.1. I have instaled it using Docker :grinning:
It is just WebOdm i have instaled natively

I would start by toggling one at a time:

                      Skip global seam leveling. Useful for IR data.
                      Skip local seam blending. Default: False

It might also be beneficial to try toggling --texturing-tone-mapping.

Beside that, without having a copy of the pictures it would be hard to recommend anything else.

Keep an eye on, a fix for this is coming.

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@nafiou could you update to the latest version of ODM and let us know if the problem is still there?

hi @pierotofy thank you i will try it

Thank you thery match for your attention

@pierotofy this is the map after updating . a bit good than the last one

hi @pierotofy is the update available for both native and docker ?


ok thanks great job