Manually add images/models to Task Assets

Is it possible to manually add an image assets to a task’s generated assets? It would be useful to be able to add GeoTiffs and the like to a task and have it displayed in the 2D web viewer.

Did you ever figure this out? I’d rather use AWS S3 to move image to server than upload via local web browser :slight_smile:

No not yet. However there is a thread here that I’m watching:

I’m hoping to have time to look at WebODM next weekend and may add that type of feature myself - at the very least I’d like to be able to provide a URL to a ZIP package and let the server download it.

I’ve tried adding plant health Geotiffs to a package and importing the project back into WebODM as a task. Unfortunately the new assets were not listed in the projects Leaflet viewer or as a download.

So your trying to view geoTIFF’s that you have, on a map? Or you have some other need to get them into WebODM?

The goal is to allow the client to view the orthomosaic maps and other assets generated by ODM and the assets we generate outside of ODM such as plant health analysis. We’d like to include Geotiffs generated by QGIS in the assets a client can download( and view these Geotiffs in WebODM’s map viewer. This allows our client to log into on place and view/download all of the data.

Oh, I see! We are planning on integrating it via API only, and building our own UI around the process.