Manual GCPs formatting

Hi, I have two questions:

  1. is there a specific format that I have to follow to set a txt document manually with my GCPs? If so, can somebody share a template please?
  2. I only have latitude and longitude per GCP (sub-metric accuracy) but I don’t have elevation. Is that a problem if I want to use the GCPs with WebODM?
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For the theory check the doc here : gcp — OpenDroneMap 2.6.7 documentation

geo_x geo_y geo_z im_x im_y image_name

Here is an example

1036069.085 6323541.952 424.504 1519 945 P0300030_frame00018.jpg 0
1036069.085 6323541.952 424.504 1516 958 P0300030_frame00024.jpg 0
1036122.893 6323436.788 383.248 440 482 P0300030_frame00037.jpg 2

As far as I know you can not omit the z coordinate.


Got it. Thanks!

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