Making a user not able to process and other questions


I have created some users and I see the permision optins but I don’t get it that much…

Is there an option to not give permission to process new tasks to some users?
Like the LiveDemo that there’s on WebODM website.

Also, is there an option to make a user only able to see the Dashboard and not the other options…

Also, how can I change the interface language?

Thank you and sorry for so many questions

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I’ve found how to make a user not beeing able to start new projects changing all its group permisions.

But when I sign in to that accout I still see GCP Import, Cloud Import, Lightning Network, Diagnostic and About on the left.

Is there a way to make a user not beeing able to see these options?


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Sorry I keep replying myself… I found on other topics that one option is to disble the plugins… Is there an option to disable plugins only for some users? Or not yet?


Also, I’ve been looking DroneDB… Is DroneDB the viewing part of webODM?

I mean, all the DroneDB options are already in webODM?


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Not quite. DroneDB is currently more of a platform for visualizaton and sharing of sUAS data and products. WebODM is currently a platform targeted more towards the creation and analysis of these products that can then be shared via DroneDB. This relationship may shift or change in the future as both products evolve.

DroneDB has a few neat tricks that WebODM doesn’t necessarily have quite yet.

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