Major distortion in result set - default preset

Hey All, after I failed to get my set to run with highRes preset and no resize of images, I ran the set with the preset “Default” and default resize (which I believe is 2048). The process completely successfully and quite fast (3 hours 43 mins for 737 images) but unfortunately the resulting orthophoto (not to mention the 3d rendering) came out severely distorted across the whole image. I’m attaching 2 examples here to show the difference between the original image and result image - any help on how to avoid such distortion of result would be greatly appreciated:

Try to increase --mesh-size to 500000 and --texturing-nadir-weight to 32.

Further suggestions could be done if you could attach a copy of your point cloud and textured mesh outputs.

can I change those and then rerun from a certain point instead of running the whole process again?

Would be happy to attach point cloud and textured mesh outputs, I’ve downloaded all assets, where do I find these?

Set rerun-from to odm_meshing and it should pick up from the completed point cloud.