Looping through a range of values in oats

I am wondering what the best method is for looping through a range of values in oats – such as trying a sequence of different values for --smvs-alpha

You can either pass the --options "--smvs-alpha N" parameter to ./run.sh or you can modify your .oat file and change the options there.

@test "alpha 1" {
  $run_test "--smvs-alpha 1"
@test "alpha 2" {
  $run_test "--smvs-alpha 2"
@test "alpha 3" {
  $run_test "--smvs-alpha 3"

I prefer the second approach since it creates the proper directories structure automatically.

Awesome. And are each of the project dependent, or does it rerun the full toolchain for each project?

It reruns the full toolchain (each @test is independent of each other).

--options can reuse existing results (unless --clear is passed).

See ./run.sh --help.

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