Looking for help on how to set up a addition node on a windows server

Hello I am looking for some help on how to set up a additional node on a windows server. If there are any directions in another thread that I haven’t found can some one point me in the right direction. Thanks



Are you deploying NodeODM manually from our GitHub?

Are you doing distributed processing, and so will need ClusterODM, or do you just want multiple nodes on the single machine?

I want to use the clusterODM if possible

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We have some documentation for getting it started on its repo:

awesome thank you

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So I tried following the guide for this but I’m having issues on the cluster finding the nodes. Most likely i have not got something set up right. Has anyone set a node up recently or might be able to help me out. Thanks

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Are you in control of your network topology?

Ports need to be open/accesible, and if you’re in an Enterprise environment with a managed network and firewall, you might need to loop in ITS to have them help you.