Longtime R/C'er, first time mapper... looking to build AI/ML drone underwriting tool

Hello everyone,

Happy to join this community and get my feet wet & hands dirty. My background is in IT & insurance, and I started building drones long before they were a thing. Did my first FPV aerial imagery around 2009, did a little 3D mapping around that time, and have been blown away with all of the new technology available today.

I’m working on a project to use drones for insurance underwriting purposes. Ideally, my claims adjusters and underwriters would be able to visit a location, set some way points, and have that data sent back to my AWS database & machine learning models. I’m mostly interested in roof condition which can be done with basic 2D images, but eventually I would like to use some 3D modeling for roof complexity and also to calculate tree height/distance in relation to the house.

I have run some large forums, and been a member on many others. I was hoping one (or several) of you senior members could point me in the right direction so I can hit the ground running. Maybe there’s a project in the works, something similar that could be helpful, or any information I should be aware of based on my project objectives.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated, and in return, I plan to become a regular contributor to this open source project.

Thank you & have a great day,




Quite the CV you have, haha!

It sounds like a great application of OpenDroneMap, sUAS, and photogrammetry, so I (and I’m sure everyone else) look forward to any fun details or project snippets you can share going forward.

I’m not sure what resources would be directly applicable for your stated direction other than the documentation:

OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide:

As for integrating the AI/ML toolkit, I’m not sure how best to approach that knowing nothing about your workflow and tools.

As for contributions, always welcome, and quite excited to see what you wish to contribute!


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