Logging from another location

I tried to use my WebODM on Windows 10 now that I have my first pictures from my new Spark and the Manager version 1.6.3 could not logg to the adress even if I did before from my house, and it started updating taking right now more than one hour. Do you have to update when you try to logg from a different place?

If you log from a different place, without updating, you can try to reset the docker containers by issuing:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.nodeodm.yml down

From the “Maintenance” panel – “Open Shell”. Then restart WebODM Manager.

We need to add a button to make this easier. Currently “Update” issues that command, and that’s why it’s the recommended procedure to fix the change of network.

Thank you Piero, after closing and opening again I was finalyy able to process my pcitures. Of course I have to learn mucho more