Locating gcp_list.txt file when using GCP Interface

I have used the GCP Interface to tie GCPs to images. I loaded a file with Projection on first line (EPSG:4326) then a line for each control point in the following format delimited by spaces. Name Longitude Latitude Elevation. Long / Lat are decimal degrees and elevation in meters.

Brought in photos and tied to gcps using the + button and clicking on the gcp target in the photo and then the corresponding gcp in the right panel. I did this for all images with gcps in them.

I then went to the dashboard and loaded all images into my project.

Am I missing a step? How do you save the gcp_list.txt file?


I am sorry for this post. I found the export file button and that has resolved this issue.


Excellent! Glad you’re on your way.

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