Localization of odm quality report

Hi, how we do localize quality report ? If it is not possible rn, whats the best way to implement it into project ?

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Welcome, Omer!

That’s a great question…

It looks like this controls most of it:
ODM/odm_report.py at a16505861c914cb227db113feeeeac3d24edba24 · OpenDroneMap/ODM (github.com)

And it links into the OpenSFM stats file to pull the values.

I don’t know where the strings come from, though.

Are you able to code in Python to help submit a PR to enable localization of this aspect for us?

Thanks :blush: I saw that file, but i couldnt find too. Yes i can code in Python, I’ll work on it. I guess i use json file to hold them. If you guys have any localization library suggestion let me know. Ill submit my PR soon.

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I think we are using Weblate for the WebODM UI.

I don’t know if that relates to where you’ll be in the code, however.

WebODM Translation Thread - [Help Us Translate?] - WebODM - OpenDroneMap Community

Seriously though, thank you SO MUCH for helping out, especially with something critical like this. This will help so many folks better understand and be able to use the Report product.


+1 for Weblate.


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