Local WebODM install. Wanting all heavy memory items to be on external drive

Hello. I am new to WebODM. I have a laptop with a C drive and an external drive, F. I downloaded and installed WebODM on my C drive and got it to successfully run with a set of images last night. My goal is to have all the data stored on an external drive, F. Should I:

  1. Install WebODM on the external drive, F?
  2. Keep WebODM and configure it to store files on the external drive.

If option 2, How do I do option 2?



Hi golucasplus,

Option 2 can be achieved by using ./webodm.sh restart --media-dir /home/user/webodm_data

You can find more options on the WebODM github page.

OpenDroneMap/WebODM: User-friendly, commercial-grade software for processing aerial imagery. :small_airplane: (github.com)

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Good to know. Thanks :smiley:

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If you’re using the newer WebODM for Windows native, you are best installing it directly to the F drive.

This version does not use Docker, so the configuration argument israelbar showed you above won’t work.

We’re looking at adding the ability to easily set an external media directory in the future.

I see. Good to know

I was able to install directly to the F drive.

I was wondering, is there a way to install to a specific folder on the F drive? Currently, the installer has the location on the F drive greyed out and I can’t edit it. So it installs to the root of the F drive. That seems to be the only option. Is there a way to install to a specific folder?

Thanks again

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No, it can not specify a specific path yet outside of the root of the drive.

That is a property of WiX, the installer framework we’re using at the moment.

We have an action item to investigate how to allow custom paths for installation.

Ok. Good to know. Thanks!

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