Local vs. Web Processing

Hi All - Novice question here. I’m an experience ESRI software user and I’m relatively familiar with concepts of the phatogrametric data processing and general surveying and cartographic concepts. I’m looking for a work-around for the high-dollar software that I would only use on rare occasion (for now). I’ve installed (purchased the installer) and successfully processed some data using WebODM. I’m extremely impressed - I have some work to do on my part to nail down a process for my needs, but this is going to work for me with the exception of one thing… I need to process my files locally.

Here’s the question: Is there an option to set this software up on my local machine and process all files locally?

Go easy on me, I’m a newbie
Thanks in advance!


Hey @Richard_Rogers :hand: WebODM already processes the files locally. Disconnect your computer from the network and process a dataset. You’ll see it works offline just fine without internet. Internet is required only to install it.

That’s funny…and awesome. I had wondered if that might be the case, but was confused by the photo upload and data download. I’m really happy with the results of my test dataset, and looking forward to processing today’s flight.
I’m sure to have more questions. Thanks for the quick reply.