Local or Custom GCP Projection

Its been a while but I just updated WEBodm and now I cant seem to use a work around. I use to use on using a local coordinate system lets say 1000N 1000E 1000Elev for my gcp points and using utm in Meters for my projecting utm 12N. It would give me a point cloud that matched my local project. After the update it kits me out with an error. I’m still able to use my state plane coordinates for other projects.
Thanks for any Help.

Found My Issue was in GCP text file


Cool. In case others encounter the same issue, can you share what the problem was?

Sorry it took so long to reply. In my spread sheet I use for making my GCP files the PROJ code I had for +lonc =<value> I had +lon_c =<value> Still have not got all the bugs worked out for local CRS yet.
Most of my work I don’t get to pick the CRS I’m working in for heavy construction. I have to work with CRS supplied by agencies or owners reps. So I’m consistently changing, and still learning global projections that the drone world is functioning on as well as handling local layout CRS for the project surveys. Seems simple but gets complicated. I’m still a Learning.