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I am new in WebODM, and im trying to load an existing project and be able to explore the maps and all the existing data like elevation data, etc.

To give some context, i received a folder from a friend of an experience that was done on our farm, where he took a lot of aerial photos and processed them with some software (i think ODM) that produced the following folder:

He told me at the time that i should use WebODM to load this project. I googled a lot about how to import an existing project, and all i find is to import photos to generate the ortophoto map, but that’s not included in this folder. It seems like this folder has already the processed photos, into big (> 500MB) TIFF files, texture files, georeferences, …, and not anymore the original data (raw photos, …)

Unfortunately i can’t reach him anytime soon, so i dont know how to continue with my investigations… so i thought this community can give me some lights on how to proceed. I already have WebODM running on docker on my Mac, so all that installation work is done and working.

Any hints?

Thank you so much for reading this!

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… also i tried to create a zip of the folder, and import it on the WebODM dashboard, but that also failed as it doesnt recognize any image.

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Make sure that when you zip the folder you don’t get those folders put inside another folder in the zip.

When archived, those folders need to be at the root level of the zip, not contained in any other folder.

You might find your zip process stuck them in a folder.


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