Loading DSM tif in odm_dem folder in something like google earth

When I load this into google earth it displaces a white panel really, it looks like the tiles for it are in a seperate folder. Did I process something incorrectly or am I just not using this file correctly? (Just wanted to double check what was spit out). it looked pretty good in webODM interface.

The data are displayed in colors in WebODM, but the underlying data (what you downloaded) is raw elevation values. You can use e.g. gdaldem to create a display version of the data: http://www.gdal.org/gdaldem.html

Oh found this tutorial too:

Though the dsm.tif I was feeding it produced a flat two color colour_relief tif and the dsm slope produced a speckled black and white flat colored. The only thing that semi worked (with no color) was the slope shade tif.

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and the slope shade

I realize it is probably my numbers, I wish I knew now that I am not on my webODM machine what the spread of elevations in my map was. Like what my min and max Z was so I could set the scale accordingly in the txt files.

gdalinfo may help you there: https://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/scicomp/recipes/gdalinfo