LiveODM with Rufus

=I’ve been trying to burn opendronemap iso with Rufus software, but I am afraid I am using wrong settings. After choosing (try option without installation) I get a black (almost) screen. Apparently there is something running in background.
My notebook is a Acer Aspire 3 (UEFI option only). Any tip?

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Welcome! It is possible your laptop has hardware not supported by Lubuntu 16.04LTS.

What CPU and GPU do you have, and did you check them against the supported hardware notes for 16.04LTS?

CPU - Intel Core i3 1005G1 CPU @ 1.2GHZ
GPU - Intel UHD Graphics
No any other check

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Yes, that is too new for that kernel. You’d have to use the console or safe mode installer, and do updates via the console session to get newer kernel and software to maybe support hardware that new.

Do you know where I get this new kernel? And how to update the opendronemao.iso?

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This is unfortunately not a trivial thing to fix.

This thread has some notes:

I was never successful with this type of method, so I did a “portable install” onto a USB drive instead of using the original boot image read-only with persistence.

I have suceed installing and running Ubunto 22… on a LiveUSB, but without ODM that is on the iso file opendronemap. What do I do now?
Which files should I add? Or should I add this files on the new iso and burn it again?

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