LiveODM Setup

I have successfully created LiveODM on a couple of USB sticks.

When I load it up I have 16GB of storage to work with which is OK as I can export the results to another SSD then delete the job but I need to be able to reload the assets using QGIS.

How do I add QGIS to the LiveODM stick?
Also I can’t seem to get the LiveODM stick to connect to my network, any ideas

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What tool did you use to flash the LiveODM image to your USB drive?

Did you make sure you added a persistence volume to the drive when you did flash it? If not, you will not be able to make any changes to the drive that will last between reboots. Tools like Rufus for Windows will automate adding the persistence volume for you, you just move a slider to set how big you want it.

As for QGIS, you’d need to use Synaptic, apt, or GNOME Software (or the ilk) to add the package. You’d need interenet access for that…

As for not being able to join the network, that can have a number of causes. Depending upon the machine you’re using it on, the LiveODM image may not have a recent enough kernel to support the particular network hardware. This would be difficult to address.

Thanks for the info.

As I’m using my Linux Mint20 machine to flash I used Etcher to flash the image. Etcher does not give you the option of a persistence volume.

I’ll keep working on the network access issue.

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