LiveODM - Message "the aplication virtualenv has stopped unexpectedly"

On Jan 6th and 18th I downloaded opendronemap.iso and generated a bootable usb. When starting the Lubuntu contained in the LiveUSB, a legend appears “Sorry, from application virtualenv has stopped unexpectedly. …” In “show details” it says “ExecutablePath /usr/bin/virtualenv” and when I do some processing and want to download the result is not possible. I have tested it on different computers.
Is there a way to fix this error?
Thank you

Yep, that was a known problem. I’ve just updated the ISO a few hours ago and I don’t see that problem anymore. Give it a try?


Thank you very much Piero, I will test it in a couple of hours and let you know what happened.


Hi Piero.
The Lubuntu 20.04 looks great.
If I use the odm user, when I access the webodm, create a new one and try to add photos, I can only access files hosted on a USB device, but not on my computer’s hard drives.
The alert window says:
"Unable to acces location
Not authorized to perform operation "
If I use the root user, I can access the files hosted on both usb devices, pen drives and / or hard drives.
I don’t know if this is the way it should be, or if I’m doing something wrong.
Best regards

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