LiveODM Installation?

I am running WebODM very successfully on my Linux Mint 20 desktop machine processing my images of potato fields.

For portability I want to be able to do this on my powerful work laptop running windows.

I can’t change the configuration on the laptop so would a USB drive LiveODM be the easiest way of getting WebODM running?

Is it possible to run LiveODM using Linux Mint 20?

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LiveODM would need to be rebuilt around Linux Mint 20, so I guess technically yes, but it isn’t designed for that currently.

You might have some luck installing a custom linux install to the flashdrive and using the native or docker version of WebODM within that, as well.

For instance, I made a custom “LiveODM” that way based off of Alpine Linux to use for a bit.

Thanks for the info.

What version of Linux is the LiveODM on the OpenDroneMap website designed to work with?

It is built around Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS. It is not a program you install, but rather an entire Linux live environment with OpenDroneMap programs included.

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