Live Video Exploitation Capability In WebODM

Hello All,

I am very new to WebODM and am seeking clarification on its capability. I have a requirement to view UAV video, both live and archived, and extract either clips or still images from it. Does this capability exist in WebODM and, if so, where should I be looking. I have installed the software and been looking through it but have not seen any specific references.

As I go through the forum posts, I have seen a number of references to something called “Map2DFusion”; however, it is unclear to me if this is a plug-in or a separate application. I have found some YouTube videos demonstrating Map2DFusion but have not found a source for it.

Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.


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Hey, Barry. This isn’t really an ODM capability. Have a look at VLC Media Player and search online for “VLC extract frames” and “VLC extract clips”.

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Hi Barry – I too am new to ODM and am trying to catch up in knowledge via reading the forum. But as I read your post, it sounds like you have a normal video editing task. I’ve used both Resolve and Filmora on a PC for video editing with good success. Resolve is free and massively functional with a steep learning curve. Filmora is a low-cost app but simpler to use/learn. My daughter has had good success editing drone video on her Macbook with the Apple app that comes with it. If you need the name of it, post a reply here and I’ll find it. She says it’s easy to use.

Regards… Bob R.

One more thought - Pulling a still frame from a video clip is readily done, but the resolution may be disappointing. I once thought I didn’t need to take photos on a job. That I could just record video and pull whatever photos I wanted from the video. It worked, but I didn’t like the resolution of the images and had to reshoot the job taking photos.

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Bear in mind that h264 uses inter-frame metrics to produce some of the details, so a single-frame export will likely look worse than expected or what you see while the video is playing back.

I had semi-okay reconstruction of 4k video from a 1/2.4" sensor, but I’ve not found 2k/1080p to be sufficient for reconstruction.

What he said ! :smiley: