Linux VPS server installation problem

I am asking for help since the possibility of buying the server installer was removed, I can’t find anyone (locally) to whom I could order such an installation. We are land surveyors, not soft. developers and we need help in such an installation.
We already have a linux ubuntu VPS server and we plan to use lightning for processing, but we need someone who will install WEBODM for reasonable money or describe like hammer sth home what to do.

Kind regards and thank you in advance for your help

Hey @initechapp :hand: does this help?

Yes, of course I know it
but as I mentioned, once there was an “server installer” version as a product and it was not necessary to manually pre-install the required programs such as docker etc. At the moment you can not buy it as a ready to go solution, you can only ask someone who knows about it or carry out the whole process yourself. I need to install webodm and configure on VPS.

90% of tutorials for blunt hammers like me are for instaling on windows and mac. Of course, rummaging through the google one by one we can handle it but I’m tired of wasting time

Where on the planet are you?