Linking Webodm to server

on the webodm FAQ page there is a question as to how to share the results and this is the answer…
“Currently the best option is to install WebODM on a public server. You can do this fairly easily using a provider such as DigitalOcean. Once that’s done, you can link our processing nodes with your installation of WebODM. Results can be easily shared then.”

But how is this done? the linking… I counldn’t find any topics on this in the help files…


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So once you have your web-hosted instance of WebODM, you can upload your exports from local nodes or Lightning nodes, and then setup Users/Groups in the Administration panel to limit access.

I would not recommend (in general) a full installation being made web-facing since the potential for folks to abuse it by processing stuff exists.

What step are you on in all of this so far?

Hi Saijin,

I am just about to try hosting on Linode with a promo special… There servers from what I’ve read are very highly rated… I wanted to host the WebODM there but do the heavy lift processing on Lightening… I’d rather not rent there top servers for the processing of the images… it can get expensive… Lightening was reasonable and for smaller jobs I can use my desktop… it’s pretty beefy…

What I was reading about linking lightening to my own instance of WebODM i thought it was through a direct transfer maybe… but just uploading the zip files are good too…

And yes, I would definitly lock down the hosted copy of WebODM and only allow customers to use it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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You can sign into Lightning if you want to queue jobs for processing from that hosted WebODM instance.

Jobs on Lightning do not roam between machines, so that hosted WebODM instance won’t show any Lightning jobs it didn’t send for processing.

Thanks! Great info to know! I’ll be trying it this week.

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