Limit processing area or bounding box?

Hi All,

I am using ODM to build point clouds of buildings. For better side views of the buildings, the drone images are captured through circular paths around the buildings.

Because of this, the point cloud comes very noisy - with points belonging to the sky are also visible in point cloud. Please find the screenshot below -

Is there any way to limit the processing area to only the building which is being focused?

Currently no, but I think this is a feature request that has come up before. I don’t know if we’re tracking it already on GitHub. If you find it, please link it to this thread? If there isn’t one, could you open a feature request on GitHub?

One thing we could do here as a first step is to expose OpenSfM masking, but that might require we fix this patch: so it doesn’t break it. :smiley:

This is a great feature request @garlac – I could see it applying to other things like water.

I found this -

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Yup. That’d qualify. Please add your details and example there and link between!

I have added the details there and posted this link.

Meanwhile, any idea on how this can be achieved? or at which stage in the ODM pipeline?

I think right after the georeferencing step, before the cropping calculation ( This would involve adding a PDAL call to crop the georeferenced point cloud given a polygon boundary.

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