Let's fund the export of maps and elevation models in plain TIFF or JPG! [24 hours left!]

Orthophotos, elevation models and plant health maps currently can only be exported in raw GeoTIFF. This is useful for advanced users who wish to do further manipulation of the data in programs such as QGIS, but is sometimes a hurdle for people that just want to style and export a snapshot of the maps in plain RGB TIFF/JPG.

There should be an option to export DSM/DTM/Ortho/Plant health as plain RGB (JPG or TIFF).

We’ve opened a fund to see if there’s sufficient interest to implement this feature.


If this feature is important to you, consider pledging! With quadratic funding it pays off to pledge together as a community: https://fund.webodm.org/#/howitworks


If I may, we can still export as Geotiff and Geojpeg provided the channels and bitdepths are consistent with “normal” images. So, collapse (or expand) to 3-Channel RGB with say 8-bit unsigned (0-255) and they are now normal images. The georeference Metadata shouldn’t bother anything.

This will allow them to be viewed as normal in most every program, while still keeping the Metadata that will allow them to be loaded in GIS software.

Furthermore, we can make some documentation hints that edits to Geotiff are possible under Paint.NET due to some awesome work by the creator last year:

However, very few other editing software will preserve this Metadata, so this is where worldfiles would come in handy. Provided the user doesn’t change the dimensions of the image, they can edit it however they want in any program, and the worldfile will still be able to georeference it.

But yes, rendered images with applied color maps are very important visualization products. This can be quite helpful.

Excellent point; I think the export for TIFF should still be a GeoTIFF, but scaled to be in the 0-255 range.

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And to ammend the above:
RGB+A is acceptable and normal tiff.
Would PNG also be an output option considered? Worldfiles are also possible for this format.

We could render to PNG as well if we also render to JPG (but probably nothing georeferenced in that case, even if it might be supported).

Out of curiosity, what formats support georeferencing? I only know about GeoTiff.

Anything that supports EXIF, or anything that can have an external side-car Worldfile.
Common examples are GIF, JPEG, J2K, PNG, TIFF.


@tatowem please open a new topic? :pray: This thread is about funding a new feature for WebODM.

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2 days left! :racing_car:


Aww, not enough pledges. This feature will have to wait a bit longer.

Thanks to all who pledged! :+1: