Less dense point cloud with EXIF

My point cloud is very different whether I use images which have EXIF coordinates or not, I thought Exif data improves the quality of the point cloud but it doesn’t seem to be, do you have any idea a parameter to select to have a point cloud as dense as image processing without EXIF?

Thanks a lot for your help :wink:

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Welcome Ben!

Without geolocation data, the pipeline forces HAHOG features which can be more dense than other methods, but at the cost of being significantly slower.

You could always force HAHOG if you wanted, or you could perhaps increase --feature-quality, and --min-num-features for SIFT to get similar density.

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Note the stacks of points in the apparently less dense one: this is a display error resulting from floating point approximation.

Download these and view outside the browser, maybe using CloudCompare. You’ll find they are quite similar.


thank you Saijin , I never tested Hahog I will try !

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Thanks for your advice ! I just loaded them into cloudcompare and got the same result

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The only apparent difference I’ve noticed between WebODM and CloudCompare is that points in WebODM I a bit large.