Learning is painful!

For some reason I need to fail to learn but that seems to be the only way.

I’ve learned that orb needs more angled images to get a good camera calibration. Sift doesn’t have the same problem but is way slower. It might be a difference between Brute force and Flann, I don’t know.

I’ve tested doing pointclouds with IPhone, GoPro, DJI Mavic and phantom. Next up is my Olympus SLR with a fisheye prime.

Sometimes I’ve been very frustrated and sometimes happy.

It’s hard to take directions from people sometimes because I’ve got so different answers. answers like “use a real program” and “you need a special camera” haven’t helped.

I think I will have to fail a bit more to learn this.


Trial and error seems to be the best way to learn with Photogrammetry! Keep at it and you’ll figure it out! I went through all the same things last year when I was first learning the programs! Good luck!