Late introduction…


I’m a father of two small boys and live in Sweden.
I’ve been working as a construction surveyor for fifteen years, worked with gnss/totalstations and quantification. Mostly been on road and pipe projects.

My interests changed over time, done programming photography GIS…

Several years ago I bought a drone and flied a bit then recently I started using it for photogrammetry. Tried Colmap/Meshroom and then WebODM.

I intend to use it for mapping at work, haven’t had any suitable project yet. So accuracy is key for me, I’m trying to get the most out of it.

Changed to a Mavic 2 Pro recently that works well for my needs. I can use Trimble R12i or S8 at work for the GCP’s and then WebODM for processing, CloudCompare for editing and QGis/Topocad for the rest.

I’m happy to have found such a nice community!


Awesome journey!

Fun to see other folks in the GIS space sharing common interests. Must be something that draws us to them!

Yes, getting suitable projects or organizational support can be tough for implementing new technology/workflows like sUAS data acquisition. I have no answers for that! I never got my previous organization to let me do it, haha.


I don’t wait for my boss/company to educate me and invest in new things. I educate myself and in that increase my value as an employee.

Knowledge is power!