LAS file upload and Vizualisation plugin Feature request

Hi People!

I am here to collect information about a Feature Request in WebODM.

I have Lidar collected point cloud in LAS file format and I want to use WebODM like Web Interface to mange and visualize all the files.

Is this kind of Plugin can be developed or can be done with minor tweaks in WebOdm code.
Please let me know for any other alternatives as well to do so.

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I’m not sure it can be, nor that WebODM is the best tool for manipulating and managing terrestrial LiDAR data.

For one, we don’t actually view LAZ/LAS data, but rather EPT.

Have you investigated the LASTools suite or QGIS for managing, manipulating, and viewing LAZ data?

The problem arises when we need the same platform as WebODM to store, manage, view and share the tasks and access them through URL’s.

The company is actually ready to pay for the plugin cost if needed.

We need the same platform as WebODM rather than processing software, we’ll just use it for view, manage and share application.

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LASTools and QGIS application we’re already using, but we need a web access instance as WebODM.
Hope you understood the problem!

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It sounds like perhaps it could be a good candidate for a Fund, then.

Have you checked out:

Actually we don’t have that much patience to wait for the plugin to develop in future.

If it is possible through nominal funding from our side and minor code tweaks from your side.
That’ll be Great!

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