Large storage taken by Docker ext4 file

Hope my question is not silly and helpful for others also.

Does any of you have an idea about the ext4 file?
which is located following directory, C:\Users\paul\AppData\Local\Docker\wsl\data

Currently, I have actively run WebODM with Lightning Node.
I subscribed to Lightning ODM because the storage of my device was not enough
And I just realized whenever I run the process, a large portion of SSD has been taken.

I found ext4 file itself takes 107GB, making my laptop so slow.
Is it usual for using Lightning WebODM? and if I delete this file, will there be any problem with running docker and Lightning WebODM?
By the way, although I use Lightning WebODM, I still need to run it in the desktop app for 2D map and 3D model viewer for my research.

I believe deleting that file would cause problems. I am still learning about disk space usage and cleanup myself, but I have had good luck with “ down” to free up storage used by WebODM.

./ stop
./ down
./ start

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After stopping WSL, enable Hyper-V Manager in the Turn Windows Features On or Off dialog, then use the Edit Virtual Hard-disk menu item to compact it down to the minimum size necessary for all the data inside.

Similarly, you can use this GUI to shrink/expand the dynamic VHDX, as well.

Or, you can do it via PowerShell


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