Large image set results in low res ortho

Docker Running on Server, 32 GB of Ram , updated 2 weeks ago.

I have about 960 Images of a scientific survey we did, I can not release the images due to contracts though.

Found this in the logs though:
[WARNING] Maximum resolution set to GSD - -300% (204.56 cm / pixel, requested resolution was 0.04 cm / pixel)
Other than that I used default settings.

While the point cloud seems accurate and fine, the resulting ortho and DEM are very very lowres.
Taking a 960kb GIF here.
I will attach the full output later as I just restarted the process with some different settings and it takes a few hours.

Anyone with similar experience?

Mm, perhaps the GSD estimate is off (for some reason).

Try to pass --ignore-gsd and see if you get better results.