Large image processing 262 megapixel camera

New here. I am looking at using ODM for processing a few images from a large format aerial camera and would like to know if it would be possible.
The images are 262 megapixels each and I have 20 of them captured at 65% foward 35% sidelap.
I have photocentre coordinates with omega, phi, kappa rotations.
I have access to a processing workstation dual xeon cpus, 128GB ram, running raided ssds.
I’m interested at extracting point clouds and ortho images
Any advice before I make the leap into ODM would be much appreciated.



That’s some hefty imagery, and the overlap/sidelap are way lower than recommended for SFM photogrammetry.

You could try using the “Field” preset which uses planar estimations and should be a bit more tolerant of low overlap/sidelap.

As for the RAM, that is likely far too low for that total megapixel count, so some experimentation with swap and split/merge pipeline might be necessary.

I would love to see what you come up with!

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I got a good result with 5 images at half resolution ie 6500x10000 which took 12min. When I then tried to load the full res images ie 13000x20000 it failed straight away winthin a few seconds. Is there a size limit? I am using the latest Lubuntu and WebODM. Also I have enabled the debug option in the Edit Task Options, where can I see the output.

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There should not be an arbitrary limit, but resource limits are very real.

Expand the Task, click the On button next to Task Output. If it is too long, click the Download button on the far right of the log console to save the full log to disk.

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