Large data, split by image_groups.txt and tiles

Hi Folks,

i am a trying to understand how to work better with my project which contains about 7k pictures.

two weeks ago i run WebODM with all pics and after about 11 days i resignated because the WebODM node looked like be dead.

Thinging about how to work properly with big amount of data i get idea to use ClusterODM and function --split to split the dataset to small groups (about 350 pics in group).
I generate .txt file witch contains coordinates of all pictures, then plot the file in QGIS to the map,
that is easy way to make proper image_groups.txt

Regarding that i would like to use function images_group.txt and split jobs.
should i run ODM + ClusterODM + NodeODM?
i thing about ClusterODM because i have two computers and ODM because like @pierotofy mentioned the WebODM can not use image_groups.txt

assuming that everything will goes well with render via ODM + ClusterODM + NodeODM
another problem arises for me - the ODM do not generate a orthophoto tiles.

should i take the orthophoto.tiff generated via ODM and take it like a base images to the WebODM and generate tiles?


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Let me see if I can accurately summarize:

  • WebODM doesn’t yet take image_groups
  • You would like to process in batches for your 7k images.

Do you require using image_group.txt to do the splits, or is automated splitting an acceptable alternative?

If it’s not, I think you could do it with ODM/ClusterODM/NodeODM and then zip up the contents and upload them to WebODM, if you did a little bit of careful prepping (like running a function to tile out the GeoTiff). To know what you need in that zip, download the zip from another job in WebODM, unzip, and observe the structure of what’s in that zip file and recreate the same structure from your results from ODM/ClusterODM/NodeODM and upload to WebODM.

Am I missing anything @pierotofy?

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Just make sure to run the whole process with --pc-ept, then you can zip the results folders (odm_* + entwine_pointcloud) and import them into WebODM. No need to tile, WebODM takes care of that via Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs.



to be honest i am looking for tiles because i export it to my server and show it via leaflet.js

but the solution sounds awesom!
im going to test it.
thank you @pierotofy @smathermather

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