Large artifacts in DEM, how to smoothen out

Hi all,
I have had big problems attempting to smoothen out artifacts on DEM’s.
Below is an example of results from drone imagery over quite flat surfaces. The areas with more rugged terrain seems much better, see left side. Interpolation during sfm creates serious artifacts and distortions.

I founds some nice tests from smarthermather, DTM Archives - OpenDroneMap
First, i tried the default DEM settings in the preset from the latest release, I reduced images to about 20, to run testing and to reduce ram-consumption (but ran with no image resizing). The images produce great results with commercial software. I also tested different parameter modifications. Images are of high quality and RTK-tagged. I have not found a good solution.

  1. Are there any good ways of reducing, smoothing these artifacts?
  2. Any suggestions to parameter setup or tweaking?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Are you able to share the logs, dataset, and processing parameters?

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Also, it’d be great to see screen shots of the orthophoto, DSM (if you generated it) and point cloud.


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