Just released: DroneDB Server (beta)

Based on initial feedback for DroneDB, I’ve decided to put together a more lightweight server implementation for self-hosting DroneDB datasets:

This implementation should offer a much more simplified setup as well as a straightforward filesystem structure (no UUIDs, no databases, your filesystem contains everything).

Have a folder with orthophotos you want to share?

./ddb-server.sh /data/drone/sunset-park/odm_orthophoto


Tested only on Linux, feedback welcome!


Yeah, this hits some sweet spots.


I’m going to add an interface for user management soon.

I’ve also thought about adding a --watch flag that allows the index to be updated in real-time by just copying new files to the folder (you currently need to add the files to the index via ddb add new-file.jpg and optionally issue a ddb build to build the COGs) if you add them after startup.


I stumbled on Server today and have it up and already have it serving a public IP address with the database hosted on a local NAS.

Adding --watch would be a significant time saver and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the user management interface. Being able to easily add users and manage which projects they have access to would be helpful with being able to keep projects set as private.

Keep up the good work, the tool is already extremely useful and I’m hoping to give you some useful feedback as I work with it further.


Thanks Peter!

There should be a minimal user management interface as of yesterday’s update (try to run ./ddb-server.sh update, then login as admin).

Look forward to hear your thoughts!


For cotext, I’m using DroneDB to host crop health imagery for myself, the farm manager and the agronimists we work with. So in my use case I am working with imagery of the same areas over multiple steps in time through the season.

To manage this at a basic level I’m currently using a directory structure of /farm/field/yyyymmdd/yyyymmdd-index-type.tif. I’m generating several types index images from each mission.

For me it would be helpful if I could zoom in on a region in one image then be able to select a different image from the same mission and have the map view stay focused on the same area and zoom level.

A related long term wishlist item would be to have the capacity to tag an image with the index type, field and mission date it represents, then be able to do data downloads based on filters. For example, a quick way to create a zip file that contains just the NDVI images from field number 7 and download it.


Unrelated, I had a few instances of failure to upload of individual files with an ‘index locked’ error. Mainly occurs when I drag and drop several large images. I can then go back and drop individual files that failed and they upload correctly.

On that train of thought it would be helpful if I could drag and drop a directory, but if your idea to live scan the database does eventuate then this isn’t really that important.


Opened Add SQLite unlock-notify mechanism in ddb · Issue #2 · DroneDB/Server · GitHub

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Nice work !
I didn’t had time to test it sooner but compare to the origianl drone db setup which was ,for me, a nightmare I have to confess it, this is amazing.

I tried to create a public repo and discovered that you can not visualized point-cloud as a guest, it requires sign-in. Is this a feature because you can add measure and annotations and as such is not allowed in read-only mode or is this a bug ?

Once again, thank you piero !


You should be able to display the point cloud as guest (on a public repo).

Perhaps it’s a bug (open one with reproduction steps? Issues · DroneDB/Server · GitHub ?)


Ok, before submiting a bug that is not one can you explain what is the public address of a pubilc repo ?

Because I just realised that the username is embedded in the link I am using for instance http://mydomain:5000/r/admin/test and if I remove the admin part of url I shows a login page dispite the repo being public.

And by the way same behavior with obj model so comes from the 3d viewer componant not just point cloud.

If you confirm I am correct with the url par, I will opened a detail bug on github :slight_smile:

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Will look out for the windows version :+1:

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It’s the same URL you see from the browser (which includes your username, admin in this case).

So perhaps it’s a bug.

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Done here:

With another one regarding pubilc repo creation: