Just released: Cameras Display

We’re releasing new changes to ODM and WebODM to display camera positions, for both the map and 3D display, with thumbnails support for both geo and non-geo datasets. WebODM now can also prepare a cup of coffee for you. Kiddin’ (would be awesome though).


Docker images should be updated within a few hours. Help us test these new changes!


This is SO helpful. Huge improvement, and aligns ODM even further with existing expectations and workflows.

Very exciting development!


FANTASTIC addition. Thank you @pierotofy !


Very nice addition. Than you !

I recently discovered this feature and it is a great add! Thank you!!! It is proving useful in several ways, including debugging.

On a related note…and maybe a separate topic…I have discovered some inconsistency in the shown camera position (cameras are displayed as inverted, rotated, and offset in altitude w.r.t. the position of the actual image/collection position). This appears to be correlated / leading to high levels of distortion, missing sections, and gps offsets in the ortho and 3D outputs. Any idea why/how this might be happening and any settings to help correct?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this!


I think it’s worth a new thread so the question doesn’t get buried. If you can share a dataset to help reproduce that would be helpful. I haven’t looked closely at camera position accuracy, myself, but others should be able to help locate the issue.

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