Just got started WebODM and already love it


I am researcher from the University of Oslo in Norway who uses drone mapping to monitor glacier changes based on ortophotos and DEMs. WebODM has really made a difference in the processing of my drone campaigns since I host it on Norwegian Cloud Infrastructure for Research and Education and can process my data in the field as well.

The micmac node, your documentation and the map and 3D result viewers are excellent. The most challenging has been to grasp my needs in RAM and memory, and to debug exit codes often caused by few images.

As for further improvements, would it be possible to expand the diagnostic panel to plot temporal variations in CPU, RAM and memory? and to provide a viewer of the georeferenced images before processing in order to visually assess the image quality, overlap and tilt (EXIF data on a map)? This would help debugging.

Anyway, I wish I had found WebODM earlier. I love it.


Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre

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Glad you’re enjoying. It’s always fun to hear how it’s being used. Check the issues here: https://github.com/opendronemap/webodm/issues and add feature requests as needed (and add to any that are closely related to yours rather than opening a new one).