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Okay group, I’m brand new to mapping. I’m working on a documentary film but am interested in mapping as it pertains to film. Well, Okay, I’m interested in mapping as a possible side business.
I’ve installed Docker, WebODM, Python, and GIT. I can bring ODM up, usually after some difficulty and a few tries, but I have no idea where to go from there. How do I generate a flight and record the data to bring it into WebODM? It ought to be simple but it is a mystery to me. I’m missing something, probably a lot of somethings. Where can I go to get a tutorial I can understand.

There are lots of flight control apps for phones and tablets. Pix4D, Drone Harmony and Map Pilot to name a few. you will need to connect your device to the controller. You build a mission and it records the photos to the SD card in your Drone. Then create a Project in WebODM and upload those pictures to a task. Pick your processing settings, start the task and wait.

Hopefully that wasn’t to brief. If I missed the point please elaborate.

Thanks for the response fritzagr. I’m starting to get the hang of all this.
I’ve contacted Pix4D tech support about Pix4Dcapture which is supposed to be free to use but wasn’t for me.
Pix4D kept giving me a too large message and wouldn’t let me go any farther. That is a program bug depending on where you live, west of Greenwich Meridian or south of the Equator. I’m west of the Greenwich Meridian.
I’ve managed to create a map but every time I have time to fly, it rains here.
I also have Litchi and I can create a waypoint map, but I don’t think that is what I need for WebOMD.
Regarding the other programs I was under the impression that I had to pay for them to use them. Pix4D was the only one I found that had a free program. I’m going to try that when it stops raining here and see if I can bring it into WebOMD. The tech guy said it would only work with Pix4D. We’ll see.

Pix4Dcapture’s jpgs should work with WebODM, unless they’ve changed something, as will DroneDeploy’s app. If you’re flying over tall stuff like buildings and trees, get high overlap and sidelap: 77%+, 83% if you have the time. And good luck!

Thanks. He was just supporting his employer who pays him a tidy sum. I understand. I’ve been there done that.