It possible to set more swap memory to compensate ram?

I’ve successful process 77-images taken from 12MP with desktop PC of RAM32GB. However it fail in labtop of RAM8GB due to limit ram. However I’ve test 7-images taken from 12MP with same laptop successful.

Question is : Is it possible to manual set swap memory in windows to compensate the lack of ram on laptop??

For example I set 20GB swap memory to make the process successful? So far I’ve already try set that but result is same, not successful due to not enough memory. Seem like ODM not to use that swap memory as memory only focus physical ram.

If you are on Windows then you also need to adjust the RAM available to docker. If you search here in community, there are a few threads about doing this.

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Success process 77-images with laptop 8Gb ram. By setting assign swap memory 32Gb in windows and create file “.wslconfig” for set docker use of 30Gb swap. Then process again. Slow yes but it success process the map.

I think docker for windows by default is to Linux containers in WSL 2 mode not Linux containers in Hyper-V mode nor Windows containers. So that The Resources tab allows you to configure CPU, memory, disk etc. is not available. As docker for windows manual say :

The Advanced tab is only available in Hyper-V mode, because in WSL 2 mode and Windows container mode these resources are managed by Windows. In WSL 2 mode, you can configure limits on the memory, CPU, and swap size allocated to the WSL 2 utility VM.

So the install and get start guide of webodm that cpu and memory allocation step might be confuse by some people. Me too when I install I can’t follow this step so I decide to let it be and continue I still can use. Until I found out at docker manual. Also

Anyway I might be wrong since I’m new in webodm also docker. Just to remark here.
Now I can get result from laptop 8Gb ram as same with pc 32Gb ram, very satisfy!


Perfect. Any interest in adding this to

Read doc at web docker for windows result is there is 2 mode the hyper-v mode, wsl2 mode. Hyper-v is they legacy or default if user not have wsl enable on their windows , which is normally user won’t. The wsl2 is new and offer performance benefit to use resource and native run according to their docker manual document. Wsl2 option is auto select if user windows have wsl enable/install which in my case I do long time ago before install docker for windows.

So may doc for install webodm in windows, keep the original hyper-v and have an option how to use wsl2 and option how to set swap / mem / ram in wsl mode is maybe good I think.

What do you think?

Docker manual page I read from

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