Issues with mapping large pond

I am trying to throw together a simple 2D orthophoto for a customer of a large pond (roughly 24 acres). Long story short, he owns half of the pond, and a neighbor is taking him to court over some duck hunting blinds this coming Wednesday.

Anyways, I flew it with my H520 and e90 at 150ft and 15mph, 80% overlap both ways, and got 372 photos. All of the photos came out to his liking, but all of the ones over the water have some sun reflection. He doesn’t need any post-editing, so I brought my laptop with me to make the orthophoto there. While at his house, I tried Microsoft ICE, and it made the entire photo, but it’s making it in the shape of an L, instead of the tall and skinny shape it’s supposed to be. Then I drove 45 minutes home and put it through WebODM. All WebODM is making it the very northernmost part of the pond. I have sat here for the last several hours in Affinity Photo laying one on top of the other, and they’re all there. But, it looks horrible. I would like to get it to work in WebODM. Is the sun reflection messing with the programs maybe? I’m currently uploading the photos to my Google Drive so I can share here. Internet isn’t the greatest here, so I have almost 3 hours left of uploading. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Yes, spectral areas like flat water are notoriously hard to stich, especially with sun flares.


Thanks. Yes, it was a little breezy with some ripples on the water. It was sunny. Taken at nadir. Water was clear, could see the bottom in the photos around the edges. The pond was in the middle of a marsh, with lots of tall marsh grass and dead trees around.

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You might have better luck flying higher and a few degrees from nadir. Is it possible to get some edge in each image, or more images at least?

Kind of hard getting edges on this pond. It’s more like a small lake. It’s roughly 500ft wide and 2,000ft long. I didn’t want to fly real high, due to the location.

Your best bet may to be to wait for a good heavy overcast day where the sunlight is difused by the clouds. Usually between the hours of 10 and 2 when the sun is at the highest point in the sky and not casting long shadows. It may work, but water is not your friend here. If you get it right though, it could turn out really awesome.