Issue with GCP Not Reconstructing


I am having some problems trying to reconstruct my orthomosaic when I use the GCPs. I did the gcp_list.txt using the POST GCPi and now the orthomosaic is not reconstructing.

There is this warning:
/usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/rasterio/ NotGeoreferencedWarning: Dataset has no geotransform, gcps, or rpcs. The identity matrix be returned.

What can I do?

Checking the gcp_list the UTM projection is correct.


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And the dataset reconstructs properly without them?

Then there must be an issue with the gcp_list.txt file.

Are you able to share it and/or your dataset?

Hi Saijin,

Yes, it reconstructs properly without the GCPs, but not very well aligned,

Sure, I can share:


I am using a MAPIR 3 OCN camera.



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The case of the file names was wrong in your gcp_list.txt.

It is a literal/exact/case-sensitive match, so while you had .jpg as the extension, your images are actually .JPG extension, which is not the same thing while doing a case-sensitive match.
Original gcp_list.txt:

Fixed gcp_list.txt:

Further, the gcp_list.txt GCP entries do not appear to be consistently referring to the exact same physical feature/location in each image tagged for each GCP (green titles are tagged images imported from your gcp_list.txt):

Hi. Thanks for your support. Now is working very well!.


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